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I Am A Certified Life Grief Coach


My story began with losing my wife to covid-19. Through this, I learned that there are different levels of grief and that grief is a process. This is what motivated me to become a licensed grief coach.

My main purpose and focus is to restore lives. I love seeing people recapture what they have lost in every area of their lives. This is what motivates me to go the extra mile.


one on one coaching sessions

I provide personal one on one sessions to help you navigate through the grieving process.

Sessions on Tuesdays

Grief support group session

This is done in a small group session, once a week, for a 6-8 week period. There is a tremendous strength that you can gain from having the support of others that are going through what you are going through.

Max 8 people

Grief in the workplace

These sessions are designed to help employers deal with the effects of grief in the workplace.

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